Monday, 21 November 2016

The Stray Kitten,

that has adopted us,

 managed to stare me out again, so I meet him by the back steps to give him some food,

 from a bundle of skin and bone he has put on a lot of weight and is looking in much better health, I have a feeling that we are not the only house that feeds him, but he is still unapproachable shying away if you get too near, so I guess the term is that he has gone feral,

 Sunday lunch at home, whilst sitting at the table I took a picture of this ram or Ramirez's dwarf cichlid(Apistogramma ramirezi Myers & Harry, 1948; Papiliochromis ramirezi (Myers & Harry, 1948); Microgeophagus ramirezi), but this is not the natural colour, it is a man made variety, in much the same way as the common goldfish is a man made variety,

 Dinner is served, 


 in-between courses a fish double, a golden wonder killifish, (Panchax lineatus now reclassified as Aplocheilus lineatus), it spends most of its time at the surface which acts like a mirror making the fish appear to have a twin joined at the head, 


strawberries and cream, delicious,

in the evening Barry and Bill called by for a chat, after saying our farewells we settled down to watch A Civil Action, we have watched the movie before, but it was still worth watching again, if for no other reason it is based on a true story, but also it is well done and thought out, Jan Schlichtmann, a tenacious lawyer, is addressed by a group of families that believe a local company has contaminated their water supply, Schlichtmann and his firm bankrupt themselves trying to prove the case, then for us off to bed.

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