Saturday, 12 November 2016

In The UK And Many Other Countries,

stickers and cards,

offering dubious services often abound telephone booths and street furniture like lampposts, like this one in Russia, it was reported that it needed cleaning as it was covered in obscene stickers, authorities in the city of St. Petersburg issued a picture of the 'cleaned' lamppost, but there is no fooling those eagle eyed residents of St. Petersburg, they looked and saw the lamppost had not been cleaned but had been Photoshopped, someone made a post that went viral on Russian social media, reporters from Radio Baltika decided to investigate, they went to the busy intersection where the lamp post was located and found that it was still covered in advertising stickers for “sex services”,

faced with heavy criticism from the public, St. Petersburg authorities put out a statement insisting that the cleanup job had actually been performed, but that an “overzealous” employee may have taken it upon themselves to embellish the results a little. “In any place you can find a person who wants to present the situation in a better light than it really is, We will of course investigate,” Dmitry Popov told Radio Baltika, wait a second where have I heard this before? it was in Primorski district also in St, Petersburg we actually a week or so ago made a post on our blog of it, there is no fooling the residents of St, Petersburg!

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