Thursday, 10 November 2016

I Needed Some More Bloodworm,

to feed to the fish,

 so off to the aquatic shop on Thepprasit Road,

 which is easy to find as it is nearly opposite this huge condominium,

 arriving home I noticed a flower,

 on one of Diana's,

 stinky cactus,

 it was the first time that this one had flowered, 

 out of interest this is how the bloodworms are sold, they are in frozen packs of 28 small separate cubes, the fish love them!

 whilst there I notice a few fish that I wanted to add to the aquarium, a few harlequins, (originally named Rasbora heteromorpha, but recently changed to Trigonostigma heteromorpha) and some striped panchax, (Aplocheilus lineatus formaly Panchax lineatus),

 since Diana went to the Philippines I have been taking the kittens out for a daily walk around the front yard,

 today I felt confident enough to take the camera as well,

 I took Cable for a walk first but did not take the camera as he is still a bit of a handful, so this is Hogue,

 strangely enough they all make a bee-line for the grass at the front gate,

  except for Mariana they are all a little reluctant to walk,

 on the grass,

 and seem quite happy to be off of it,

 but on the way back Hogue recognised one of the chairs that were inside so he had to climb one of them,

 he took a breather on the concrete,

 and a photo-shoot,

 next it was Mariana's turn,

 unlike the others she is straight out of the room,

 with no hesitation on,

 or off the grass as a bird flies past,

 back past the table and chairs in the front yard,

 and past the plants, 

 I am not sure if Cable and Hogue enjoy going outside as much as Mariana, certainly they both put up one hell of a fight when I try to put the harness on them, you should see my hands and arms!

 next more fun for the kittens, 

 as they chase ice cubes around the room,

 which get caught behind shoes, or my dumbbells,

 great fun,

 as they look around wondering where they have gone after the ice has melted, 

a pose from Mariana,

and to make their day complete a play around with a rather unreliable red light laser, in the evening I had a cunning plan, instead of going to a restaurant on a Wednesday evening I would order a take away for tonight and sit outside and then have the left overs for tomorrow evenings meal after fishing, but that plan went totally mustang as Nick telephoned to ask if I could get Arry round to look at his cooker and hob, both of which after the local electrical engineer had called round were still live, Arry agreed to call tomorrow at 2.00 in the afternoon, so no fishing tomorrow, but I still called for a take away but the telephone for Country Favourites was off, so I called round to find a note on the door that they would be closed from October through to December, by now I still really fancied an Indian meal, so I fell back to plan B,

after a shower and change I jumped on to a motorcycle taxi to the Maharaja Indian Restaurant at 325/9, Soi 13/4, Pattayaland Soi 2, Beach Road, and it is at the end closest to the beach,

 looking towards Second Road,

a glass of medicinal red wine with some complimentary starters, 

 I had the restaurant to myself, 

although some customers were sitting outside, but I was early and it soon filled up, 

for my first starter chicken samosa,  

 the owner/manager kindly took a picture for me,

I sat at the front, so I could see people walking by, 

almost opposite there was a tailors shop, I have to say I thought this suit was just me,

 although I would need to shed a few inches around the waist to keep the suit looking this good,

 and this was not going to help shed those few inches, lamb kebabs! 

opposite was this shop, now as many of you know I am totally dyslectic, which is why there have been so many spelling errors over the years, even so I am sure there is something not quite right with the shops name, I tried the spell checker but it keeps assuring me that the word Pharmacy in it is correctly spelt, so there it is,

 the owner/manager I am not sure which made me feel more than welcome,


as my main course arrived, chicken do-piyaxa, chicken Madras, aloo gobhi and peas pullao rice, after all of that I was full to bursting, the flavours were excellent as were the helpings, if you want a curry night out this is the best yet,

one side of their menu,

and the other,

and this is a neat touch which more restaurants should do, their address in Thai, I have made this large in case you want to copy and print it, I really do rate the food here highly,

 it was still early so I made my way to Walking Street,

looking back towards the restaurant, 

 I was soon at the street,

 walking past the shrine in a shop house on the right hand side,

 into the crowds,

looking at the sights, 

and signs, 

it was crowded and busy season has only just started, 

 I said hello to this gentleman who I still remember from my first trip here in 1982,

 since my last walk here there are so many new places that have opened up,

a scary sight, 

from Halloween, 

 a nice looking place for people watching,

but this was where I was headed, the New Star Bar on the corner of the street and Soi Diamond, 

the doner stall on the corner, 

 the area near the road was packed so I had to sit at the bar where I was made very welcome, 

a couple of vodka sodas and I was on my way, walking towards Second Road, 

looking back at Walking Street,

past the entrance to the Diamond Beach Hotel where I stayed for many years, 

into the alley way that leads to, 

Second Road, I crossed the road, 

and believe it or not this was the very same motorcycle taxi driver that took me home the last time I was here, 

I did not even have to give him directions he remembered where I lived! arriving home I watched some television and then for me I was off to bed.

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