Friday, 4 November 2016

As Many Of Our Friends Know,

6 mornings a week I take a little exercise,

 nothing to strenuous, just 20 or 30 minutes, enough to break out in a sweat and get the heart pumping, after as I cool down I have a protein drink and was now getting low, so a real stroke of luck, opposite Friendship where the dentist we use has his practise, Dr. Chanis, a store selling nutritional or protein drinks has opened,

 called Pattaya Pro Nutrition Store, 

and this is what I bought, I only have one serving a day so it should last some time,

 I chatted to the gentleman there, Dean who was extremely helpful, I had no idea that these drinks were also made for lactose intolerant people, not that I am one, but no one has taken the trouble to explain things like that to me before, his card is above,

and map,

  if you know Friendship in Pattaya Tai this is the view of it from Dean's shop, so if you need any protein drinks or advice give his place a try, and no I am not on commission!

 next stop the market opposite the temple in Pattaya Tai, Diana decided to spend some time cooking up fish for Mariana, so we parked at the rear of the market, but we could not believe it, in the whole market just one fish was left!

 so off to Tesco Lotus where Diana bought more than a few kilos of them,

 we played with the kittens in the afternoon, 

 until they were all played out, I have mentioned before other cats that I have seen or my parents kept always roll into a ball when going to sleep,

 but these just flop where they stand, roll lover and sleep, on my left hand side Mariana is also have a snooze,

 as many know we always eat outside and listen to music every Saturday, but as we were rained off last Saturday we decided to eat outside for this evening, which has thrown my body clock into total confusion as I now keep thinking tomorrow is Sunday, garlic bread for starters, 

 followed by lobster bisque, Diana boiled some prawns instead of lobster then reduced the juice from their heads in the same way you would do with a lobster then finely ground carrots, garlic and onions to add to the stock, sprinkled with crushed peppers, a touch of cream and there you have it,

 delicious, 'Cheers!', you may see a slight red patch on my left arm,

 a few days ago I had an itch on my arm, so naturally I scratched it,

 making it worse, so off to the local clinic where there is always a doctor present, I was seen by the doctor straight away, who with a magnifying glass examined it closely, it appears it is a skin infection and was prescribed 2 creams, one applied in the morning and one in the evening, so 10 minuets and 300 baht later and I was on my way home, back to this evening,

 time to light the barby, with clouds of smoke, 

 showers of sparks, 

 and we were on our way for our main course, 

 Diana had marinated some chicken,

 and to go with it potatoes, bacon and onions with butter cooked in foil, we were so full we did not have any dessert,

 I then had a surprise, 

 Diana had put Mariana in a kitten harness,

 she was so excited,

 Mariana enjoyed going outside the house for the first time as well, grass, real grass!

 if I did not know better I would say she is thinking of jumping the gate,

 it was all so exciting,

 so many smells,

but she was not sure of the short grass, so over the next few weeks when we are outside I am guessing both Cable and Hogue will be making a late night appearance with us,

we went inside at about 11.00 in the evening, then glass filled it was feet up to watch a few more episodes of 3rd Rock From The Sun, during which I kept thinking about Sunday lunch, my brain was convinced today was Saturday as for so many years we have eaten in the yard every Saturday, with that thought we were off to bed.

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