Friday, 4 November 2016

Do Not Mess With Fish 227,

and you thought fish were fun!

 well they normally are, but not when you get to this level of aquascaping, it gets very serious indeed, above is the winner of this years 2016 annual International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest, (IAPLC), the winning entry was by Takayuki Fukada (who also won last year’s grand prize)

 I have included some of the many others in the contest, Adriano Montoro Nicácio, Brazil,

 Yoyo Prayogi, Indonesia,

and Yanfei Qian, China, over 2,000 participants from 60+ countries submit designs, for all of the pictures and rankings of this years competition have a look here, also you can see more photos on Facebook of pictures submitted for viewing by hobbyist not in the competition, for myself all of the entrants to the competition are superb, they are all just so perfect and would grace any home, but I hate to think of how much time is needed to make the aquacapes look so beautiful and more importantly keep them looking that way.

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