Sunday, 20 November 2016


so time for some maintenance,

 as usual drain some of the water from the aquarium,

 I took a couple of pictures,

 as the aquarium was draining, 

 whilst that was happening a trip to the refrigerator that had attracted a few butterflies,

 to see where we would be remembering this week, and it was St. Goar, which was almost flooded when we were there, also we were told of the tragic story of Lorelei, as we passed that point in the river, 

 meanwhile work was continuing in the kittens room,

 as Diana scrubbed the kittens pool, watched by Cable and Mariana, 

 time to fill the aquarium,

 which was soon done,

 next off to the veterinary surgery,

 which did not go well for Mariana or myself, today we had to park some way from the surgery as it was busy, also we had a different doctor, who tried three times to inject Mariana, the first two times were painful for her and me, the third attempt went with no problems, for her, for myself she let me know in no uncertain terms that she was in pain with the first two attempts to inject her, if you do not like the sight of blood (mine), scroll down the next few pictures quickly, 

 the cuts where she clawed me were dressed and lots of antiseptic lotion was applied, but then we were stuck, it had started raining, 

 and my cuts on my arm had opened, such a sweet little ball of fluff and fun, until the vet tries to inject her!

 when I say rain in seconds before I had time to think about it the heavens opened up, so we waited but after what seemed an age I gave up and made a run for the truck, note to self, tomorrow try and get the vets assistant to hold Mariana,

 home in the dry for what was supposed to be Saturday evenings Bar-b-q, but it was raining, so indoors we were, Mariana was fine and I am sure had forgotten all about the trip to the surgery, I dressed the cuts with antiseptic cream so all should be well,

 for our first starter garlic bread,

 followed by mussels,


 on to our main course, 

 baked salmon, mash and Brussels sprouts, 

 then a bit of fun as I tried to explain to Diana why when looking at a spoon your image is upside down when looking at the back of a spoon but the correct way up when looking at the front of it,

I then decided to make a video of some of the fish in the aquarium we were next to,

 next our desserts, 

chocolate cake with strawberries, fresh cream and ice cream all covered in toffee, delicious! we listened to music until nearly midnight, then for us we were off to bed.

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