Tuesday, 8 November 2016

They Look Good Enough To Eat,

but how could you?

 toy maker Bandai’s “Candy Operation Department” has recently added two new cute creations to their Tabemasu (short for Teberareru Mascot, meaning “edible mascot“) snack series, a unique line of traditional Japanese confections (wagashi) based on various popular characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse will be available as little Japanese sweets filled with two kinds of sweet bean paste, 

 confections are made from what is called nerikiri, material commonly used in traditional Japanese sweets made from ingredients such as sweet bean paste, sugar and sticky rice flour (mochiko), the Mickey version is filled with dark molasses-flavoured sweet bean paste, while the Minnie version contains strawberry-flavoured sweet bean paste,

and this is how you will buy them, the Mickey and Minnie Tabemasu confections are available for pre-order until December 1 at a price of 250 yen (US$2.40) each through the Omni 7 website’s Seven-Eleven online shopping service, with delivery scheduled between December 15 and 17. You’ll also be able to buy them at Seven-Eleven convenience stores across Japan between December 22 and 24, but for the rest of us all we can do is look, but if you were in Japan could you really eat them?

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