Wednesday, 3 February 2021

I Am Back To Books Again,

but these impressive volumes are about one writer,

to publish his and others works weekly, the volumes contain works by Charles Dickens and others in his Victorian periodical, 'All The Year Round' a weekly literary magazine that was published between 1859 to 1895. The journal contained a mix of fiction and non-fiction pieces, I am guessing many of the pieces by other authors will not have been seen elsewhere, 

published in  London by  Chapman and Hall, size: 9.5" by 6.5

it hosted the serialisation of many prominent novels, including Dickens' own A Tale of Two Cities,

  after Dickens's death in 1870, it was owned and edited by his eldest son Charles Dickens, Jr., with a quarter-share being owned by the editor and journalist William Henry Wills,

in 1859, Charles Dickens was the editor of his magazine Household Words, published by Bradbury and Evans; a petty dispute with them led Dickens to realize that he was at the publisher's whim, and to decide that he would create a new weekly magazine that he would own and control entirely, All The Year Round was born,

the new weekly magazine had its debut issue on Saturday 30 April 1859, featuring the first instalment of Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities, the launch was an immediate success,

"so well has All the Year Round gone that it was yesterday able to repay me, with five per cent. interest, all the money I advanced for its establishment (paper, print etc. all paid, down to the last number), and yet to leave a good £500 balance at the banker's!" Charles Dickens, all 20 volumes yours for £2,500.00, I am guessing that there are not many collections of all of the weekly magazines bound in one set like these, all I need is the money!

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