Wednesday, 3 February 2021

I Had A Quiet Day,

and took no photographs,

a no show by the crows and the foxes, but I did meet the electricians, the box that the door buzzers are in had stopped working, as I am in most days I often pop downstairs to take delivery of parcels for other flat owners who are out, plus our own of course, so it was important to get the buzzers working again, as promised they arrived and also noticed that the circuit for the indoor hall lighting was not working, something we had noticed but put down to the time clock not being set properly, so downstairs into the cellar, one of the trips was out, apparently one of the exterior halogen lamps had blown and made the safty circuit trip out, all now sorted so back upstairs for myself, Diana arrived home before it was dark, after our evening meal we watched a couple from Midsomer Murder, a Poirot, one from New Tricks,

 and rounded off the evening with a couple from One Foot In The Grave, with the end of those we were off to bed.

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