Wednesday, 2 November 2016

I Guess Many Of Us Have Seen Photographs Of Miniature Mushrooms,

taken in wooded areas around the world,

well Japanese artist Yukio Takano,

now brings them inside for us, if you are lucky enough to live in Japan,

the mushrooms are of course not real, 
but made with dyed resins illuminated from the inside with hidden LED lights,

the electrical components are then hidden inside real driftwood bases, Takano first exhibited his lights 12 years ago and he now sells them faster than he can make them, unfortunately, as mentioned before you have to live in Japan to own one of these beautiful pieces of art, the lights are too delicate to ship overseas, so he only produces and sells them locally,

you can see a behind-the-scenes tour of his studio here (in Japanese) and see more photos of his more recent works in the Silver Shell Gallery, and occasionally on his blog, would I like one? well yes, one would be perfect on the table when we go outside for our Saturday evening bar-b-q, and no I am not on commission!

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