Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Kittens Are Not Speaking To Us,

we decided to give them a shower and shampoo,

 normally they like water, playing with the fountain or going for a walk in the pool,

 but getting a shower is a different matter,

 we are not amused, Cable was first,

 followed by Mariana, 

 then Hogue who is nobody's fool saw what was coming and hid under the table, sofa, chairs and sofa again in that order, but eventually he was washed and shampooed,

 in the afternoon we were off to the market to buy some fish for Mariana, the boys eat anything, but Mariana has trained us to buy fresh fish which Diana cooks for her, she just walks away from the normal dry food we feed the boys,

 whilst there,

 we bought a few fresh vegetables, then home, 

 a shower, change of clothes and we were out to Cherry's

 a quick look at what was on offer, the salad bar,

 a selection of starters,

 and sushi,

 the sign says it all,

 there are some 18 or so heated dishes, plus a carvery and pizza station,

 and desserts, plus 7 flavours of ice cream,

 so it was eyes down and tuck in,

 'Cheers!', on to our starters,

 then our main course,

 we always have a long break between each course, 

next our desserts,

  eventually it was time for coffee, if you fancy a meal on Wednesdays and Saturdays Cherry's has an International buffet at 450 baht each, and of course also has a full menuthe restaurant is located on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, 

 we telephoned for a Grab taxi, the interior almost looking like one of the kittens, we sped home,

 then feet up for a couple from 3rd Rock From The Sun, next we were off to bed.

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