Thursday, 13 May 2021

It All Starts With The Water,

and then the knife,

if you want to carve and chop a
 block of ice into translucent jewels, the water must be absolutely pure, filtering it for any impurities several times, and the knife of choice, a santokuor Deba sashimi knife only then can the fun begin,

a bartender of Tokyo’s Bar Pralinka recived online fame after a video of him carefully turning blocks of ice into beautiful jewels went viral on Twitter, getting over one million views, it sounds crazy, but it is so fascinating watch, a tip, grab a coffee before you start to watch!

I have included a few more videos,

this one with a commentary, unfortunally in Japanese but you will get the idea, I have to say there is something satisfying about different shaped ice cubes, when we lived in Thailand we made, using a cunning mould, round ice cubes, great fun, unless you inadvertently swallowed a big one before it melted in your mouth!

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