Wednesday, 2 November 2016

If You Are The Boss Of A Company,

take a good look at how this boss gets the best from his workforce,

 he is Savji Dholakia, CEO of Hari Krishna Exports

 who recently gifted some 1,200 cars and 400 apartments to his most loyal and hardworking staffers,“If we keep our employees happy, God will keep us happy,” Dholakia says, 20 years ago he started to reward some of his staff, three of his top employees received their own cars, now to celebrate his company’s 25th anniversary, the man known as India’s most generous boss just gave away over 1,260 cars and 400 apartments to over 1,700 of his most valuable employees, “We have selected 1,716 employees as the best performers this year, We are arranging houses for those who already have cars, while those who don’t have a four-wheeler will get one,” Dholakia said, “We have exports worth $700 million across more than 70 countries, but nothing is more valuable than our employees.”

the 53-year-old diamond merchant was born in a rural family in Saurashtra, dropped out of school in fourth grade an joined his uncle at a small diamond trading firm when he was just 13 years old, in 1982, he started his own business with his uncle’s support, and after his three brothers joined him, Dholokia managed to turn Hari Krishna Exports into a powerhouse with an annual turnover of $750 million, what a great boss, philosophy and company, so for all of you bosses out there whilst shouting and screaming at staff might make you feel better, this way has got to work best.

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