Wednesday, 2 November 2016

We Had Another Quiet Day,

and I did not go out,

 although Diana popped out for a bit of shopping, returning for some fun Diana thought the kittens might play in a box,

 she was right,

 in and out they went, also Diana bought a wind up mouse for them to play with in the afternoon, it is in the video at the end of the pictures below of the kittens,

 they played with the box even more so when we put a ball with bell inside,

 I decided to try to take a picture of all three kittens looking up in the box at the same time, 

 Hogue liked the box more than the others, 

but try as I might, when ever three were in the box,

one would look up and the other two would not,

 or two would look up and the other one would not, during the day and evening with camera in hand I was up and down like a Jack in the box, 

then finally success, Ta-dah!

and for a bit of fun, if you have time for a coffee here in the video are the kittens playing with the box and the clockwork mouse, as an aside at the beginning of the video you might see that Cable, who has gained a bit of weight, has to make a bit of an effort to get in and out of the box, diet starting next week!

by now we already had eaten our evening meal and were watching another couple from The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes, both of which were excellent,

we rounded off the evening with a few more episodes of 3rd Rock From The Sun, and with that we were off to bed.

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