Sunday, 2 May 2021

I Accompanied Diana,

on her way to the bus stop,

Diana was going to work,

I was calling in here, to have a pair of shoes fitted with metal quarter heels, and another pair resoled, the good news was that one pair could be ready in 20 minuets or so,

as I needed a few bits and pieces in Marks and Spencer, I walked past the flower display from the café next door popped in,

to give the repairers enough time I also popped over the road, just to pass the time,

one pair of shoes picked up and I was on my back through the park,

and home for my very late breakfast of smoked haddock warmed in milk,

the afternoon flew past as I watched some of the snooker championship, all too soon it was time for a sherry and a read,

and my starter of onion bhajis, vegetable samosa and pakoras,

followed by chicken tikka masala and jalfrezi with rice,

I rounded off the meal with three types of grapes, then it was feet for a Lewis until I was out to pick up Diana,

arriving home Diana had a package to open, every few days a small package arrives, with samples of cosmetics, perfume or in this case chocolates, I have to say that the package the bar arrived in must have cost far more than the product, but there it is, we watched one from New Tricks, one from Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

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