Saturday, 2 October 2021

As Soon as I Posted The Blog,

I was out,

into a very wet park,

it had been raining most of the early morning, now thankfully stopped,

I made my way past the Pearl,

the entrance looking very gay,

passing the green, on the left the first of the autumns fallen leaves,

that is my bus! run, run, run, luckily there were a few people queueing, so that was great,

I had an appointment to give a blood sample for the NHS Galleri Trial, from the web site: 'The NHS-Galleri trial is a research trial to see how well the new Galleri™ test works in the NHS. The aim is to see whether the test finds cancer earlier when combined with standard cancer testing in people who don’t have any symptoms of cancer', I went to the address, Bromley North Station, Tweedy Road, what it did not say was the testing unit was in the car park at the rear of the station, I along with many others did not have a clue about the car park, but eventually there it was,

Tweedy Road and the station is on the other side of that building in the distance, the procedure was as you would expect painless, and a bonus of a £10.00 Sainsburys shopping voucher as a 'thank you', not expected but a nice gesture,

I made my way to the front of the station and went inside,

to have a look at the shop of the coin dealer there, Peter Morris, so many fascinating coins, medals and banknotes to look at,

bus back to Beckenham, I walked past the cemetery,

and through the green,

the flower beds now well past their best, then into the car, next week we plan to have a drive to Weymouth, as I had hardly any fuel it was time to fill up, I found 5 stations with no fuel, 2 with fuel but the queues so long, that is 400 cars plus! that I gave them both a miss, taking a short cut between petrol stations my progress was halted,

by these two mounted police officers,

not a sight I expected to see in Lewisham, but it made a nice change from following cars, just a pity I could not buy any fuel,

Diana was home, so time for our evening meal, a read and a sherry,

for a starter,

basil King prawns with sun dried tomatoes,

followed by a huge tuna salad,

delicious! we did not have a dessert,

I then made a move to the club to meet up with Steve, the floodlights on for a tennis lesson, we chatted the night away, mostly about the fuel crisis and other failings of the government on daily life, Steve kindly dropped me off home, inside it was feet up for a New Tricks before we were off to bed.

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