Saturday, 9 October 2021

Day 2, Part 1,

we were up early,

for our first day in Weymouth,

a English fry up for both of us,

we were going to take a stroll around the harbour and shops,

if I was in the market for a fishing boat for myself, this would be my choice, Aries 3, you can hire this boat for fishing on a day or part day trip,

I have to admit we have never been in a harbour with so many sailing boats,

there were a few more pleasure fishing craft here,

like these,

I was so tempted!

if you like a view of the harbour in a slightly different home, this is it!

a real working boat,

and a floating gin palace!

a boat with my name on it,

Seadog Stanley, very appropriate!

everywhere we looked,

jetty after jetty of sailing boats,

if only we had one,

but as Diana said, not one of these,

Diana felt that this one was more us,

as well as large rag and stick boats,

there were many smaller powered craft,

a quick pose,

as it happened there were a number of jet skies tied up here,

a pose from Diana,

as we continued our walk back into town,

we then came upon the economy boating section,

I tried to make a panorama including Diana in the photograph, but failed,

so here she is,

I tried again, and failed again,

I could not help but think that this was one of the 'Little Ships', that left this harbour for Dunkirk, as it happens the reason we visited here is that whilst watching the new version of the film Dunkirk Diana said she would like to visit the harbour the ships sailed from,

from pleasure craft,

to a real working little ship,

the colour and shape of this fishing vessel caught my eye,

also if you look carefully the shoal of mullet swimming underneath it,

almost at the end of the harbour now,

we had walked around the harbour crossing the footbridge at one end,

and were now walking back towards the footbridge,

and opposite the Aries 3 we saw earlier,

and heading towards the bridge into town,

which we crossed,

looking upstream,

a shop that I always find fascinating, a fishing tackle shop,

catch of the day, a crab fishing kit,

many of the streets here pedestrianised,

which given the number of pubs in the area is not a bad idea!

seeing this shop from a distance I was not sure what to expect, it was in fact a hairdressers,

we passed the restaurant we have booked for this evening, Crustaceans,

Elvis in the distance,

with friend outside of the sausage shop,

we continued our walk,

past a shop that Diana loves, but we were both so full from breakfast,

for a taste of Thailand, Ruan Thai,

we were now on the beach, looking back at some of the shops on the sea front,

the beach itself was excellent,

all sand and not a peddle or rock in sight,

in the distance the cruise ship Aurora, like many cruise lines waiting for the cursing season to begin with travel restrictions lifted, in front of it a number of red sailed sailing craft,

looking to the east,

we made our way to one of the boat caf├ęs,

for a latte coffee each,

a quick pose,

as I zoomed in on the boat, one of the red sailed sailing boats in front of it, Diana decided to go window shopping, which I dislike I have to admit, so I went for a walk,

past the kiddies fun fair,

I always stop and have a look at the horses,

the way they are carved out of wood, (although these may well be fiberglass but it is the thought that counts!),

and so gayly painted always impresses me,
another ride,

looking towards the east, what a great family beach,

I started to walk towards the pavilion,

going past Pulteney Buildings,

dating from the 1800s,

I then noticed this, what a great idea, it was time to find Diana,

just do not get run over by the road train!

on the way back into town I noticed this,

a sand art exhibition,

the photographs are a bit muted, as a pigeon/bird mesh has been placed in front of the sculptures to stop birds from roosting here,

what an amazing piece of sand sculpture,

the detail so fine,

this brought back so many seaside memories for myself from family holidays at Margate, there are a few beach photographs here on our history page,

I soon tracked Diana down,

there she was in the O2 shop,

joy of joys, they actually had a Samsung 21 5G in stock, just the one, well that was all we wanted, Diana was now a very happy bunny!

the road train passed us,

as we made our way past the sand sculpture,

and back to the pavilion,

a break in the cloud let the sun,

nicely illuminate a part of the town,

a quick pose,

with O2 bag,

next cross the road,

to the dockside to await our boat to take us for a trip around the harbour, no not this boat!

it would have been nice though,

across from us a building that would have been here at the time of the little ships and well before,

this boat going home!

well I just had to,

not long now,

when we were looking at the cruise ship there were some red sailed craft around it,

the flotilla now returning to port,

we had seen this vessel before,

it is called Freedom,

the craft has been specially adapted to take wheelchair bound people for a trip out to sea, what a great idea,

meanwhile the rest of the flotilla,

was making its way back into harbour,

you might remember this craft,

I mentioned it could have been one of the 'Little Ships', but as it happens it is not the same one, the first boat like this we saw did not have portholes,

unknown to Diana as well as a trip around the harbour, this jetty we were on is also the base for one of the water taxis that crosses the harbour, this is it above,

naturally I told Diana this was our boat we were going around the harbour on and it was going to be a bit tight with the other 10 passengers waiting to go around the harbour, you can imagine the reply!

all too soon the ferryman was making his way across with passengers, I will stop here as there were too many photographs to put on one post, if you would like to see the rest of our day just click the Older Posts button on the bottom right of this page.


MikeC said...

is the 'cursing' season for tourists with tourettes ...... hehe

PattayaStan said...

Dear Mike, luckily for us not many tourists, in some places just us! as it happens we often take out of season breaks, the advantage of course is few people about and happily the weather on most of these out of season trips has been very kind to us, we do not have any more trips planned this year, just looking forward to Christmas! best regards, Stan and Diana.