Monday, 4 October 2021

Sunday Has Raced Around Again,

happily this Sunday I was in much better sprits than last week!

a read and a sherry,

our starter for today, a country vegetable soup,

the flowers looked so nice Diana took another photograph of them,

another 'Cheers!', as we tuck into this weeks joint, roast pork,

this is not as easy as it looks! for today's dessert, a puff pastry cherry pie, we were so full, so it was feet up,

and what better than The Birds, for a Sunday afternoon movie? still as scary as the day it was made, well I think so!

we then then decided to watch The General's Daughter, which we had watched before, this is what I wrote then, 'what can I say? for myself a brilliant film, the naked corpse of Captain Elisabeth Campbell, daughter of Lieutenant General "Fighting Joe" Campbell, is found staked out on the urban warfare range of Fort MacCallum, army CID detectives and ex-lovers Paul Brenner and Sara Sunhill are called in to investigate, a believable story line with captivating music', 

after a break we rounded off the evening with PapillonHenri Charri√®re (16 November 1906  – 29 July 1973) was a French writer, convicted in 1931 as a murderer by the French courts and pardoned in 1970. He wrote the novel Papillon, a memoir of his incarceration in and escape from a penal colony in French Guiana, a great film after which we were off to bed.

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