Monday, 11 October 2021

The Crows Had Not Forgotten Us,

no sooner had I sat down,

 one appeared on the window sill, and was soon joined by a second,

next it was time for a read and a sherry,

followed by a lobster bisque soup,

for our main course today, roast chicken, with gravy for Diana,

sans gravy for myself,

eyes down and tuck in, we were both a bit full after lunch, so we decided to settle down for a Sunday afternoon film and have dessert later,

so it was feet up for The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the 1939 version, what a great film, especially for a Sunday afternoon, 

keeping to a black and white theme, Madam Curie was next for us, made in 1943 again a gem of a film, although not as well known as the previous one we watched, in the evening we snacked on a toffee cake whilst watching one from Endeavour before we were off to bed.

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