Monday, 11 October 2021

Diana's Work Party,

started out with a few drinks at Junkyard golf!

the party was for the managers where Diana works,

Diana had Bubble-gum cocktail,


crazy golf begins,

Nazim one of the managers first,

Mihaela next,

a part of the course,

it was all very tricky!

a selfie of Jade and Diana at the crazy golf,

next stop, here for dinner and drinks at the Alchemist in Old Street,

a quick look at the menu,

the agony of choice!


and Diana in a selfie,

with Rubel,

peach cocktail for Diana,

calamari for Diana's starter,

eyes down and tuck in!

dead zombie cocktail,

the drinks just kept coming,


all the managers with the old and new business manager, drinks and meal over, it was time for a Uber home, all paid for by the company, what a great night out!

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