Monday, 4 October 2021

There Will Be A Few Pinball Wizards Weeping,

when they read this, 

The Museum of Pinball has closed for good this month, leaving its
collection of rare or unusual pinball machines and arcade games to the fate of going to auction, it is estimated that around 1,700 machines in total have been auctioned off, from the article:

“It’s just sadness,” Mr. Weeks said of the museum’s demise. “People would come from all over the world to go to this place.”

Even before the pandemic, the museum was open only about nine days a year and mainly hosted events, averaging about 9,000 visitors annually, Mr. Weeks said. Most of those visitors paid $80 for an all-day pass or $150 for a weekend pass, which he said allowed visitors to play an unlimited number of games. No coins necessary.

But the museum had been losing money, Mr. Weeks, 58, said, and he decided to lease the 18-acre site to a cannabis farm. Finding a new home for the museum proved to be difficult, and a plan to move the museum to Palm Springs — about 20 minutes from Banning — was derailed because of its cost and expected delays, he said.

pointless and meaningless to many, but for myself it is such a shame to see a collection like this blown to the four winds, never to be seen at the same time in the same place ever again.

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