Monday, 11 October 2021

Diana And Kai's Day Out,

which worked out really well,

as it left all of Saturday free for me to catch up with our holiday posts, so glad rags on,

the girls meet on the train to London,

and were soon walking through China Town,

a selfie,

or two, 

first stop into Shibuya in Soho,

Kai ready for a shaved ice cream,

mango bingsu,

a takoyaki,

I should mention the girls ordered 4 of them!

a red bean bingsu,

a strawberry bingsu,

I nearly forgot there were 5 of them! rounding off with a green tea bingsu,

the girls all smiles, 

next stop Pandora in Oxford Street,

the Christmas decorations already up,

but not illuminated,

next stop a Japanese bar-b-q named Kintan

a quick look at the menu,

decisions made, 

and the food starts to arrive,

lots of it!

all set,

eyes down and start bar-b-queueing!

the girls were spoilt for choice,

on to desserts,

the bill came to £84.00 for both of them,

the girls started to walk to Bond Street,

to guess where?

Louis Vuitton of course!

so many to choose from,

and with Christmas just 75 days away,

I think both Steve and myself will be receiving a Christmas wish list!

the girls carried on looking around the store,

on all of the floors,

having been there before in December 2020, I can confirm the place is huge,

shopping finished,

the girls started on their way home,

a quick pose,

and back home on the train it was, Diana commenting when she arrived home, "I really have eaten too much", who would have thought it?

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