Friday, 1 October 2021

It Is Great Not Waking Up Until 08.00

in the morning,

but I can see it can have a bit of a downside, like today, I have an early appointment to give blood as a part of the NHS Galleri Trial, more of that tomorrow, the downside is that no sooner I am up, I have very little time before I leave for Bromley to give blood, so with that in mind I am only making this one post today, so out into the park,

a very overcast day,

the garden at Foxgrove Lodge looking almost autumnal,

past Beckenham Green,

to the church, it is opposite that I am visiting, M & S for the weekends shopping,

next a bus to pick up some RO water, the bus stop just outside of this antique/junk shop, I would have had a look inside, but I was weighed down with shopping,

this is where I was heading, Kingfisheries, in Croydon Road for some RO water,

I had a look around as I was inside,

there were some amazing ornaments for aquariums on display, like this wrecked aircraft carrier, it must have been nearly 2 feet long!

Carl busy cleaning one of the aquariums,

I had to take a few photographs,

of some of the hard and soft corals,

and polyps on display,

amazing shapes and textures,

this sailfin tang, (Zebrasoma velifer),in the same aquarium, as it happens I started chatting to some of the customers about their fish, it was just like being back at work!

after my evening meal and a couple of game shows, I settled down to watch something I would never normally watch, Squid Game, it is a South Korean survival drama television series broadcast by Netflix, the show puts people with insurmountable debts together to play children's games to win the jackpot, with dire consequences if you fail! it was fun, brutal, the characters after the first episode so believable, I was hooked! I watched the next 2 episodes back to back, Diana called so I stopped watching it there, what a great series, and I an not the only one to think so, from the Netflix CEO: Squid Game might be our 'biggest show ever', in passing the second episode fills out the characters, before the next game begins, I am looking forward to watching a few more, after a New Tricks for us we were off to bed.

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