Saturday, 9 October 2021

On Friday Morning,

after a leisurely English breakfast,

we were on the road home,

as it happens in the area we were driving away from there did not seem to be any fuel shortage, I drove past two garages, I did not stop as there was not a queue of cars waiting, but too late I realised both had fuel, I determined to call into the next one whether there was a queue of cars or not, as it happened there were no cars waiting and plenty of fuel to be had, as an aside the journey from Beckenham to Charmouth, then to Weymouth and back to Beckenham was 343.5 miles, we averaged 41 MPH and recorded a fuel consumption of 51.9 miles per gallon, which considering the size and comfort of the car was I thought pretty good, we spent a quiet afternoon,

in the evening after our meal I popped out to the club to meet with Steve, Diana was more than happy to be left alone so she could play with her new telephone,

the floodlights on the tennis courts being put good use,

into the club where I met up with Steve, we chatted the night away, he kindly dropped me off at home, where it was feet up for a nightcap, on Saturday morning I will start to type the blog so it will be finished some time over the weekend, and hopefully will be lots of photographs of our stay on the Dorset coast, next for us a New Tricks and we were off to bed.

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