Tuesday, 5 October 2021

OK I Give Up,

I have fallen for it, who is Tom McCleod?

images Google Maps, this sign, simply saying "Tom McCleod Slept Here," appears on Interest 5 near Bakersfield in California,

there are no buildings nearby, and no people to ask about it. It's been there since at least 2009, when it was captured on Google Street View. People have written about the sign, but everyone has the same question, Who is Tom McCleod? even more strange is that there is not just the one sign, “Tom McCleod slept here” signs are in Texas and Arkansas, too, as well as Louisiana and Mississippi, so what gives? is Tom McCleod is a sign maker. Or the pseudonym of a sign maker. Is this a "social experiment" or some kind of art? Could it possibly be advertising? It might just be a prank, one that others have emulated in other parts of the country, so if anyone knows, please speak up!


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