Sunday, 3 October 2021

I Had A Quiet Day,

Diana was at work,

I have to admit I was worried about the lack of fuel, as if I could not buy any our trip to Weymouth next week would not go ahead, so every hour or so I looked at Google maps with the petrol station filter and looked at the traffic outside each one, in the late afternoon a local station had a build up of traffic outside of it, in 10 minutes I was there, the good news, no queue, the bad news, no fuel, so I decided to retrace my steps of yesterday, half way down Bromley Hill there was a queue of cars approaching the Shell station, 40 minutes later I was on the forecourt, £77.00 later and I was on my way home all set for next week, time for a read and a sherry,

the flowers this week looking very nice,

for my starter paprika King prawns, and they were hot!

I followed those with the left over tuna salad from yesterday, Diana had made so much of it, I continued to read up to page 200, 

then feet up for episode 4 of Squid Game, screen shot Netflix, I was only going to watch one episode, but I just had to watch the beginning of episode five, the ending of episode 4 was a real cliff-hanger! as it happens Diana then arrived home, so it was a New Tricks, a coffee and then we were off to bed.


jpo5626 said...

Dear Stan & Diana-hard to imagine in 2021 you folks have a fuel shortage. Glad you were finally able to fill up. Makes you wonder about the future. In USA Biden has restricted all the pipelines so fuel is far more expensive now than a year ago. They are pushing hard for electric cars even when we have huge reserves of oil.
We also hit a 30 year high on inflation, again all caused by politicians moving the economy to benefit special interest. Most here find the US Federal Government the chief enemy of the folks who still pay taxes. Last year 61% of the households did not pay any taxes and received huge handouts. That leaves the 39% paying more than their fair share. We know we are at the point of no return on becoming a welfare socialist country as majority non taxpayers will continue to vote for those politicians that hand out money in exchange for votes. USA is on a firm downward spiral so very frustrating for many. On the bright side, we really like your flowers this week!!!
Glad you are feeling a lot better and take good care of yourself. Regards, John & Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, the fuel crisis and other shortages of consumables is reminding me so much of the 1970s, when we were down to a 3 day working week due to industrial action and power strikes, it is amazing that Great Britain has taken such a huge backward step in the management of supplies, as for paying taxes it appears that the number of non taxpayers in the UK is on the increase, also as it happens I have just read today that the government is considering making a raid on pension funds, take away money from people who are looking to their future by saving in a pension fund, and then giving it to those who do not! the world is going mad! and yes for some reason this week the flowers do look exceptionally nice, best regards Stan and Diana.

jpo5626 said...

Stan-yes the world has gone mad as you say. We worry about our pension long term as well given our government is on attack mode for anyone that has been financially responsible and saved vs spent. We have illegal Haitians flooding our country each day because our government wants to put them on assistance, free health care, free college free housing, free food etc. to build up their party voting majority. They make these people feel right at home while our citizens must buy their food, health insurance and pay for college or trade school. So our government currently is looking for ways to steal our money to support those who have never contributed. Yes, they have gone mad with our wallet! USA has very low polling approval ratings for those in charge and hope they get voted out soonest…but the cards are stacked against the honest citizens. Wow! John & Alley