Tuesday, 5 October 2021

I Had A Couple Of Things To Do Today,

firstly call into Tool Station,

luckily there is a branch near to us at Elmers End, the reason for my visit? we are going fossil hunting in a few days time,

 one thing I did not have was a hammer, now I have, those fossil can be pretty tricky to find without a bit of persuasion!

next stop Eden Park Motorist Centre, whilst queueing for fuel a warning light lit up, saying I had 1,500 miles to go before I ran out of AdBlue, so I needed to top up, AdBlue is a diesel exhaust fluid used in vehicles with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to reduce harmful gases being released into the atmosphere, if you are in the US, this product is called DEF (diesel exhaust fluid), the good news, £20.00 later and we are good for another 7,500 miles, the other piece of good news was that Diana had a weeks holiday, so today a couple of hours driving lessons for her,

and in the evening we were out,

we made our way through the park to the bus stop for a number 54 bus,

going to the Odeon cinema, we had popped in to see the latest James Bond film, 

but first, popcorn!

Diana had pre-bought the tickets, so no queues,

I decided on a box of pop corn,

but for Diana,

a tray of tortilla chips I think they were,

with three different types of dip,

all set, the strange thing was that the 2 tickets to watch the film came to £6.00 each, the snacks just over £15.00! what did we think of the film? we both agreed it was about 30 minutes too long, half way through we were both looking at out watches, as an aside I loved the jacket of his suit in the opening sequence, it was one of those self cleaning ones, first dirty with lots of dust and stains from a massive explosion, in the next scene hardly any dust on it at all! but them it got all dusty again, so I guess the self cleaning jacket was not a permanent feature, 

what we did notice in the pre-film clips was that on the 22nd.December a new Kingsman is due to be released, now that for us is great news, titled The King's Men (2021), note made in diary already! we left the cinema and made our way to the bus stop, and then the shaking started, I was shivering uncontrollably, I had 4 layers of clothes on, but I was bitterly cold, the good news was that by the time the bus arrived and we were back in the park I had sort of warmed up,

Diana by the light of my headlamp, it is so dark in the park we always take a headlamp or two with us, arriving home a warm coffee, we watched the last half of New Tricks before we were off to bed.

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jpo5626 said...

Dear Stan & Diana-
First Alley and I want to know if you finished that big box of popcorn, wow! Funny you mention you kept looking at your watch during No Time To Die. Alley and I had the same feeling on the first Daniel Craig James Bond movie as it was so different than the older, golden era ones. Seems that the promoters/producer/director used the Bond brand name to lure prospective viewers. We found the last four movies (All with Daniel Craig) to NOT be Bond material but just a group going through the motions. The first thing you notice is the lack of sophistication and that first class attitude of Bond. Craig seems to dress ragged, has poor manners and not one that you would associate with any of the Ian Fleming type stories. We decided to not waste our money on No Time to Die given sounds like more of the same hogwash that the first four movies promoted.
We think they have geared these latest movies to the video game crowd with lack of plot, fast moving action screen shots, etc. Gone is the elegance of the golden era that was represented by the original Ian Fleming stories made into movies. Sad...but time does move on. No more soft romantic scenes or the classy hotels along the Rivera...
Pictures of the house are great and it looks like Diana's house is coming along very well! Have fun on your trip and be careful!
John and Alley