Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Cheating Has Presumably Gone On,

since exams were invented,

normally a question paper leak, or some one using the internet in more modern times, but that avenue had been closed in India, more than 4,000 test centres were set up across the Indian state for the Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test (REET) on September 26. The test hadn’t been held since 2018 and it is considered an entry into a teaching career, an important opportunity for many, with the internet turned off state-wide, shoes and sandals banned in test centres, and thorough searches at entry points, authorities thought they had every base covered, but cheaters always find a way, over two dozen of them were caught wearing flip-flops with a sim card concealed inside. The phone was connected to tiny Bluetooth earpieces embedded deep in their ears to make them less visible, “The slippers had a sim card and the candidates had a tiny Bluetooth bug implanted in their ears. In one case, we had to take a doctor’s intervention to find the bug as it was so deeply implanted,” one police officer told The National

“We were aware of the possibility of cheating but we thought it would be a question paper leak or someone would use the internet, which is why it was restricted in many cities,” police official Priti Chandra said. “But this was a totally new modus operandi. They are getting so tech-savvy.” apparently, the rubber flip-flops were designed by a gang that procured the necessary components for around 30,000 rupees, at today's rate £292.21 or $398.02 and then sold them to candidates appearing for the Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teachers for a huge profit at 600,000 rupees, at today's rate £5,842.74 or $7,958.12 per pair, a total of 25 people were caught wearing a pair during last week’s exam. The number could have been greater, but as the cheaters were caught the information regarding the novel method was shared with several districts, prompting many centres to ask the candidates to remove their footwear outside the exam halls, you know what they say, "cheats never prosper" well certainly not in this case!

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