Wednesday, 6 October 2021

The Good News,

Diana Is On Holiday,

the bad news, this will be a short post and the last until the weekend, I spent the day watering the plants and getting ready for our trip tomorrow, meanwhile Diana had a works outing for a game of Crazy Golf followed by a meal in the evening, I will post the pictures when we return, as soon as I finish this first thing in this morning at 06.30 AM I will post this as we are leaving home, we are off to Charmouth for the day then staying at Weymouth until the weekend, Diana received some more photographs of the home in the Philippines,

and nice it is looking too,

the kitchen soon to be finished,

as well as the doors and windows to be fitted, in the evening I watched a few quiz shows,

 and a two part series Shackleton with Kenneth Branagh in the lead role and good it was too, after which Diana arrived home so it was feet up for a Midsomer Murder, a Lewis, rounding off the evening with a New Tricks, then as we had an early start we were off to bed.

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