Wednesday, 5 April 2017

There Are Many Slang Words,

associated with the years they were first uttered,

 but many of those new slang words are unlikely to stick, which is a testament to the staying power of well crafted slang terms like Gold Dig (1926), Snazzy (1931), Burp (1932), Fave (1938), and Duh (1943) that's right, did you know Doh! made it into the slang lexicon nearly 45 years before Homer Simpson would make the expression even more famous? that's right- Doh! dates back to 1945 and has roots in radio, which is a pretty Dorky (1970),

and in 1950 the year I was born the term Beautiful People became the Hollywood phrase to utter for the successful and gorgeous individuals who worked in the industry and who better to illustrate the word than Marilyn Monroe, if you want to look up the word associated with the year you were born have a look here at The Most Popular Slang Terms From The Year You Were Born page.

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