Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A Change Of Plans,

we were going to immigration on Thursday,

 but as it is a holiday we decided to go today, the office was packed, luckily for us there were only 30 people in front of us, so we were out in 25 minutes,

 so we were soon down to a surprisingly clean Walking Street, 

 looking back towards Beach Road,

we parked opposite The Stone House,

 with Mr. Stone outside,

 we made our way under the entrance to Walking Street,

 and along the alley leading out to sea past the water treatment plant and new jetty,

 on which some children were trying their luck fishing, 

 with parents at the end of the jetty with slightly better tackle,

 but no one catching any fish as we watched,

 we entered the Pattaya Beer Garden, and this was the garden,

 we sat in the shade, the Hilton in the distance,

 unlike the last time we were here there were lots of people parasailing,

 still no luck for the fishermen,

 but good news for the barges that the parasailing takes place from, there was a constant stream of speedboats taking customers to and from the shore,

 Diana takes a selfie,

 I look confused for some reason,

Diana's meal arrived,

 three mini beefburgers, called sliders for some reason, coated chips and coleslaw,

 then my breakfast appeared, 

 a prawn salad,

 so time to tuck in,

 with a background of parasailing,

 a lonely seagull flew past, strangely enough there are not many seagulls at the resort,

 looking towards the Pattaya City sign and still no sign of work on the abandoned building either,

 a quick pose,

 and we were on our way home, Mark called round for a tea and a chat, Mariana amused us by trying to fit between the lights of the aquarium and the water so she could torment the fish, after Mark left I made a move to order some cat litter from the pet store in the market we normally go to on a Friday evening,

 and work in it was going on when I arrived,

 although the market is open at just the weekends in the evening, the pet stall is open every day after 3.00 in the afternoon, but is closed all day on Wednesday,

 one of the market cats, not sure if it is pleased to see me,

 or getting ready to pounce,

 I was told that the stall owner would call when the litter has arrived, so I will then in a afternoon call in with the truck to pick it up, as I left I looked at the work in progress, it appears new support columns are being installed,

the back-hoe at the far end hammering at the concrete to start a new column, after arriving back Mr. Tony called in and spent the rest of the afternoon with us, after saying our farewells we had our evening meal and watched a few antiques shows, a few from Judge Judy,

 and finished the excellent series The Crown, in the last episode of the series a young Princess Margaret embarks on a scandalous affair with Group Captain Peter Townsend that threatens to spark a constitutional crisis, I remember hearing about this way back in the mid 1950s, at the time the sentiment locally seemed to be let them get married, as indeed they would have done today if the standards of today were in place then, but it was not to be

we then watched the first couple of episodes of the television series of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, we already had watched the film, so it was going to be an uphill struggle to fill the roles that we had already seen and liked, but so far it seems to measure up quite well to the film, time will tell how unfortunate the series will become, and with that we were off to bed.

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