Wednesday, 5 April 2017

These Stunning Pictures Were Painted Upside Down,

well that is how they started out,

 the artist Steven Spazuk laying on his back with the paper above him,

 he actually uses fire, or at least the smoke and soot it produces,

to make these finely detailed pictures,

 and to celebrate the 85th anniversary of American brand Zippo lightersone of the 'brushes' he uses, the company are currently celebrating and have announced a new collaboration with the renowned fire artist, the program officially launched last week, 

with the release of this new video, which showcases Spazuk’s unique creative process and the striking art he creates utilising the flame of a Zippo windproof lighter, Zippo has also unveiled a limited edition windproof lighter featuring an original Spazuk design, which will be available to Zippo fans around the world in the coming weeks, and no I am not commission, I just think the images are so stunning and to think they are just soot and made with fire.

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