Saturday, 1 April 2017

Nearly Out Of Frozen Food For The Fish,

so off to the Pattaya Pet Shop, 

 in Thepprasit Road,

 arriving home,

 one of the cactus had flowered, and nice it looked too,

 in the late afternoon we were off out again to the weekend night market in Thepprasit Road,

 looking towards Jomtien,

 just slight cloud,

 the Za Shai shop open today,

 inland just the faintest of clouds,

 now do I want Big Eyes?

 judging from the numbers missing a lot of people do,

 the sun was low and I was making a long shadow,

 silk scarves,

 80 baht, a bargain,

 one of the food sellers walks past,

 this stall I was looking at, I think looking at the plant in the bowl they will be selling pet shrimps,

 I continued along the aisle I do not normally walk down,

 the one with the massage section at the end of it,

 sunshades up as the sun is so low opposite the bar this evening, but I am guessing one will be a 50 baht clothes stall,

 lottery ticket sellers have set up shop under the steelworks,

 I made my way past the fruit stalls,

 to the pet section,

 we were fully stocked with the kittens food for today,

 and no customers at the petting shop,

 some one was hungry, 

 sunset over the market,

 I made my way up to the road, 

 looking at stalls under the steelworks,

 although they do not look it, these shirts we so brightly coloured,

  and I found out that the other stall behind the bar was selling trainers and shoes,

  it is always the way, when we do not need peacock feathers for the kittens to play with,

   there are sellers of them here,

  looking inland,

  Diana came back from shopping, and seeing the duster lady,

 wandered over to buy one,

  purchase made,

  by now the mobile food carts were making their way into the market,

 as darkness fell we made a move for home,

 where we were greeted with the delicious aroma of chicken casserole,


 then feet up for Dorian Graythe book written by Oscar Wilde the film the 2009 version, a young man sells his soul to keep his youthful looks, he does not age but a painting that he keeps hidden away ages in his stead, as his friends age and he does not they know something is wrong, but will anyone guess what? one thing you may not know about Oscar is that although he was a proficient and versatile writer, Wilde only wrote one novel during his lifetime, 'The Picture of Dorian Gray,' published in 1891,

we rounded the evening off with Exodus: Gods and Kings, we had watched the film before and this is what I commented then, 'great movie with great special effects, but one slight point we both commented on, the Sphinx shown in the movie was totally wrecked and weather beaten, we both thought at the time it would have looked, well brand new, it looked worse in the movie than it does now, still I have to say I would have thought it would have got a higher score than 6.1' and with that we were off to bed.

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