Sunday, 6 June 2021

Although A Little Late For Winter,

if you want to be in fashion for next winter,

in one of the 6 in the range of colours, this jacket is for you, called the Helium-10000, the coat is inflated by the wearer using a valve near the hem and an accompanying canister of the lighter-than-air gas,

the jacket is designed and created by Andrew Kostman the metallic inflatable puffer jacket is filled with helium instead of down and can be carried around like a balloon,

a branded helium canister is included with each jacket, allowing it to be refilled twice. Each charge keeps the Helium-10000 afloat for up to two weeks, "Our technician is looking for the best solution to have more charges within the helium cylinder without compromising too much on its design," the designer explained, "It's more complicated than I expected to tell you the truth."

here is the thing, only 100 will be produced, the prices start at $10,000 so you had better fly quickly and order one, I wonder if the idea of helium filled jackets will take off?

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