Tuesday, 1 June 2021

It Must Be Me,

I still find it so strange to see a duck perched on the eaves of a house,

but in the early morning mist there he is,

today I am going for lunch and a read in the park, all set and off I go,

past the ice cream van,

and the children's fair,

lots more people here today,

yesterday there was hardly a soul under the trees in the shade,

I was lucky to find a bench free,

I used the picnic hamper that Steve from Rainham kindly bought for us,

and what better to start my lunch than a slice of gala pie,

followed by both prawn and gammon ham sandwiches,

I had a long wait whilst reading and finishing some grapes, to be able to take a couple of photographs of where I was sitting,

without anybody walking by,

I was by now getting slightly sunburnt, so I made a move for home, past the children's fair,

and the mansion,

the fair here for the school holidays I guess,

there were no what I would call adult rides,

I made my way past the mansion,

a last look at the fair,

before passing some of the new builds in the park, after my evening meal I watched a couple of quiz shows until Diana returned from work, and had a shock when I opened the door, in case you did not see it, I had shaved my beard off, Diana for a split second thought it was a stranger in our flat!

then it was feet up for Saints and Strangers, we watched all of episode one, which showed how things were really perceived to be when the Mayflower dropped off settlers for the Plymouth colony, and things were hard, over 50% of the settlers died during that first winter, we followed that with a New Tricks, after that we were off to bed.


jpo5626 said...

You look pretty dapper and ready for summer with the beard gone.
Have fun- John and Alley

Anonymous said...

The duck is perching on the ridge of the roof, not the eaves of the house.

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, many thanks for your kind comment, the difference was evidently
was remarkable, Diana kept looking at me all evening, I must look like a new man! best regards, Stan and Diana.

PattayaStan said...

Dear Anonymous, you are absolutely correct, what on earth was I thinking? but for myself seeing a duck standing on a roof still seems just a but strange, best regards, Stan and Diana.