Monday, 7 June 2021

I Have Said It Before,

and I will say it again, 

I find glass blowing fascinating, all images courtesy of Le Stanze Del Vetro, a new exhibition at Le Stanze Del Vetro istaking place in Venice, titled The Glass Ark, there are more than 750 animals on view, it is the expansive collection of art historian and former Louvre president Pierre Rosenberg, for thirty years Rosenberg gathered the lustrous sculptures during regular trips to Venice, a region with a long history of innovative techniques and a hub for glassblowing since the 13th Century. Charming and playfully expressive, the Murano glass pieces diverge from similar collections produced in other media, “They never display fierce poses, which are typical of more traditional animalier sculptures,” a statement says, “and above all, they are never conceived as a toy.” as it happens we have posted about glass and glass blowing many times before, below are just some of the fascinating creatures on display,

in addition to Rosenberg’s collection, The Glass Ark also features pieces from artists working today, including Cristiano Bianchin, Marcantonio Brandolini d’Adda, Franck Ehrler, Massimo Nordio, Isabelle Poilprez, Maria Grazia Rosin, and Giorgio Vigna, the exhibition runs both in-person and virtually through August 1, glass blowing, for myself absolutely fascinating.

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