Friday, 4 June 2021

If You Want To Build Yourself,

a decent stereo system,

this might be a good place to start, photograph by Ken Fritz, who designed and built this system, the stereo system itself consists of 3 thirty-five thousand watts, nine-foot-tall speaker towers and a 1,500-pound custom “Frankenstein turntable” built by the audiophile himself. Although the 79-year-old won’t talk prices, he admits that the electronics alone are worth a small fortune, “I’ve seen turntables that sell for $100,00, $120,000, and they’re nowhere near as complicated and as involved as this,” he told his son Scott, “I believe I’ve built the best stereo system in the world,” Ken Fritz said. “While I was designing it and building it I knew it was going to take time. Every part of this system is part of me and that is a good feeling. It took years and years to build all of this. Thousands and thousands of hours.” the system is considered to be so good it has it's own nearly 1 hour long film made of it,

and this is it, so grab a coffee or two, and start planning your own better system!


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