Friday, 4 June 2021

I Had Used All Of The RO Water,

so off to the shop,

looking along the road, no fire engines today, so I decided to walk to North Dene,

what a shame, the front of the house still intact,

but behind it,

the roof totally gone,

and I am guessing the floors as well, I have no idea what will happen next, but I guess it will be too expensive to return it to its former glory, so I guess 3 or 4 smaller homes will be built on the site when it is demolished,

I made my way towards the park entrance,

passing Foxgrove Lodge,

and bussed to Kingfisheries for some RO water,

arriving home it was time to relax in the garden, so sunbed out, a book and for myself a sunny afternoon, that reminds me of a song, by the Kinks

after my evening meal I decided to watch Mary Queen of Scots, which I had watched before, but was entertaining to watch again, one from Endeavour and then Diana called, so off to the bus stop and back home for a coffee, one from New Tricks and we were off to bed.

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