Thursday, 10 June 2021

I Had Another,

very lazy day in the garden,

listening to more episodes of Just A Minuet, which I found very amusing, in the evening a sherry and a read,

with just a sandwich for this evening,

followed by a few grapes, then a small treat I had not listened to Ego Plum for such a long time I decided on listening to all of his first CD with the 10 members of the Ebola Music Orchestra titled Anthology of Infection, Vol. 1, not to everyone's taste in music but I enjoy many of the tracks, mainly I guess because they are so different,

by now Diana had arrived home, so strawberries and cream it was then, we watched one from New Tricks before we were off to bed.


jpo5626 said...

Stan-seems Diana has a completely different life away from you. It looks as she is very distant given she is gone up to 18 hours per day. No one works that many hours so she must have another life other than with you. Alley and I worry that your relationship is in jeopardy given that she is absent most all the time. Also”coworker””dropping her off at 2am seems strange to both of us. Since reading your blog notice you are getting more lonely than Thailand and now crows seem to be your daytime companion. We both have concern that things are not on the up and up give what we see reported. Only reason we mention is that we wish you well. Sorry to bring this up but bet most readers of the blog also see same issues we do that you may be taken advantage of. Maybe you have a long term arrangement with Diana…not our business but entire blog since UK suspect so we do have concern.
John and Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, many thanks for your kind concern, it is unfortunate that Diana has to work, but if she did not when I rattle my clack Diana would have no state or her own private pension when she retires, Diana works a 9 hour day plus travel time, but we are both of the same opinion that if already at work and can work for a few more hours Diana if she wishes will do so, as for the co-worker dropping her off, many of the staff are dropped off in a car share when there is no or infrequent late night or early morning buses, no worries there I can assure you, the great news is that we are as happy as ever, and now that the lockdown is coming to an end we will be spending Diana's days off either having a Sunday lunch at home or out and on her other day off we will be out, as it happens we already have our train tickets for next Thursday for a day out to Whitstable which is on the south coast, it is a shame that we can not spend more time together, but as I am retired I am not out at work, it seems like I am alone, but in reality if I was at work as well we would still the same amount of each other, once again many thanks for your kind concern, best regards, Stan and Diana.