Thursday, 3 June 2021

The Great Fire At North Dene,

about 05.30 in the afternoon,

Steve called to say a friend of his Mark had said he could see smoke coming from the park, and this is what I saw,

for the fourth time in the past several days the fire brigade were called to North Dene, an abandoned large house, but this time it was serious,

the flames easily seen through the tress,

the house itself had two floors plus the attic,

the fire brigade were soon laying hoses, 

but the fire had a head start,

also making things more difficult,

being abandoned all of the windows were boarded up,

so getting water into the building was a problem especially on the first floor,

the fire raged on,

despite the best efforts of the 6 engines the fire crew were using,

the police were also in attendance trying to find the cause of the fire,

by now jets of water were streaming at the building,

but the building continued to burn, the good news was that no one was inside, so no casualties, but such a shame to lose such an old building,

a turntable ladder was brought in to play,



and away, evidently it just for a look,

as it was not used to pour water on the fire,

after my evening meal I popped outside again, the crews still at work, this time the turntable ladder being used in action, in case you want to see what the house was like before the fire Beckenham Steve very kindly sent me this link, with photographs of the outside and many taken inside of the building, many thanks to Steve,

arriving back with Diana at 01.40 Thursday morning some of the fire engines were still at the scene, later on Thursday morning I will pop out to the shop, but on the way take a few photographs if possible of the damage, as I mentioned such a shame to lose such an old building, but thankfully no casualties.


jpo5626 said...

Dear Stan-must of been a grand home at one time. Sad to see how bad it has become looking at Steve’s clip of pictures. Let us know when you can origin of fire...maybe squatters?
Best Regards
John and Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, it was indeed a grand home, as it happens there were a number of similar houses in the park, but many were too expensive to maintain as a single family home, so they were demolished, the land sold and 3 or 4 smaller houses built on the plot, each of the big homes had so much land that gardeners were needed fulltime, as for the cause, agedly two boys were seen running from the houses shortly before the fire was spotted, the fire brigade had been called this week before to the house, kids with too much time on their hands I guess, best regards, Stan and Diana.