Friday, 4 June 2021

Keeping To A Cooking Theme,

and a slightly less expensive one,

Japanese youtuber Bomb_tamio specializes in wacky inventions, in this one the young inventor can be seen preparing to cook strips of bacon on an electric grill, 

but here is the thing, to cook your food you have to start running in place with one foot over a yellow pad. It’s this fast movement that powers the grill, so you have to keep moving until the meat is cooked,

in his showcase clip, Bomb_tamio need only cook some thin strips of bacon, but if you’re going for a more serious steak, you’ll need to put in some physical work, which means burning some calories while getting ready to consume some more. there is a downside to this human-powered grill, it is the noise, if you live in an apartment, the neighbours downstairs may not appreciate the constant stomping, especially if you plan on grilling lots of food, for anyone else, keep fit whilst cooking! for more funny inventions, check out Bomb_tamio’s YouTube channel and Twitter, happy stomping!

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