Tuesday, 8 June 2021

The Cheeky Chappie,

was back again,

helping himself to peanuts inside and out,

although they are the same, he seems to like the ones from inside, I have not put music to the clip as it is very short,

I have always maintained the kitchen is a death trap for me, in my last few trips to it, where I cooked/warm food up for myself, all went well, but on Monday I made the near fatal mistake of letting my guard down, I paid for my mistake, as the viciously hot toaster roasted the tops of my fingers when I went to retrieve a crumpet which it devilishly ate, I will resort to my usual association with the kitchen, and avoid it like the plague, before it has another attempt on my life,

fingers still smarting I made my way out of the park,

and noticed this rather garishly decorated car,

alas the wisteria is over for this year on Foxgrove Lodge, but the roses are now putting on a good show,

arriving at Waitrose by the entrance there is a goodly supply of bar-b-q items,

bits and pieces bought, I made my way back home,

during her break at work Diana sent me these, 

photographs of the house in the Philippines,

construction seems to be going well,

now at roof level,

and apparently all on schedule,

it means that if the rainy season arrives early,

all will be well as work can with the roof completed continue inside,

where it was feet up for my evening meal after which I watched Stardust, great story and special effects, and it always makes me laugh even though I know it is coming, when the captain played by Robert De Niro is found out to be a Whoopsie! at the end of that by shear happenstance Diana arrived home, so feet up for a New Tricks, which we followed with one from a new series we had not watched before, 

Jade Fever, which was quiet enjoyable, with the end of that we were off to bed.

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