Wednesday, 9 June 2021

This Is It,

the latest fashion accessory for you,

images from, behold the Mundstück (Mouthpiece), it is a piece of metal designed to be worn on the chin. Only it doesn’t require any piercing, instead it attaches to the inside of the wearer’s lower lip via two blunt hooks. It’s apparently quite comfortable to wear, doesn’t impede the wearer’s speech at all, and can even be worn when eating, and best of all, it helps you stand out,

“Mundstück 2 is a signature MYL piece; structured, chic and daring, this piece compliments your chin and lower lip,” the MYL Berlin website states,

there are three variants, the Mundstück 1, 2 and 3. They are all made of stainless steel and come in the same three colours: black, gold or silver,

“The design of Mundstück 1 does not interfere with your daily life or your party, as you can eat, drink and talk without any limitations,” an Instagram post by MYL Berlin reads. “It doesn’t touch or scratch your teeth, nor does it fit so tightly that it rubs your skin.”

prices for Mundstück mouth/chin jewellery range from $75 for the smaller Mundstück3, all the way to $140 for the more ostentatious Mundstück 2, with the Mundstück 3 somewhere in the middle at $113,and here is something the designer has not mentioned, keep the Mundstuck on when sunbathing and it will be with you all day and night whether you are wearing it or not!

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