Sunday, 6 June 2021

The Day Was Starting Out To Be Really Good,

although cloudy at first,

the sun soon came out, making this weeks flowers look really nice,

we had already decided on a bar-b-q, so Diana had the back pack,

all set and ready to go,

and we were off through the park towards the bar-b-q area,

last year I had bought 2 one time use bar-b-qs,

we walked past the mansion,

to the lake,

which was packed with swimmers and kayakers,

I just hope last years problem does not rear its ugly head,

Diana's favourite for later,

we passed the swimmers,

and found a table,

there were a number of tables available, but then we were early,

we tucked into a gala pie with coleslaw and a potato salad,

but first open the wine,

and yes we did remember a corkscrew!

that's the way to do it!

wine poured, we can start on the food,

'Cheers!', from Diana,

and myself,

our starter finished,

it was time to lite the barby,

I had used many of these before and they were very successful,

just light the brown paper bag,

and that was it,

but this time alas,

it was not to be,

the accelerant must have over the year some how disappeared,

the brown bag hardly burnt at all, so that was that,

we decided to move under a tree, we were both getting sunburnt, and then another disaster, we had both left home with no money or credit cards, so no ice cream!

so we both relaxed,

looked at the view from under our tree,

and listened to music,

after a few hours we made a move for home, past the courtyard café and bar,

the mansion,

and fun fair,

down the hill,

a last look at the park,

and made our way past the houses and home,

soon after arriving home it was time for a pre-meal sherry,


for tonight a 21 day aged fillet steak with the trimmings,

in between courses a crow called by,

for dessert cherry and almond pie with cream and ice cream,

eyes down and tuck in, after a Midsomer Murder, we watched our film for the evening,

The Return of the Living Dead, great fun and with the end of that we were off to bed.


jpo5626 said...

Dear Stanley-when we go out and I forget my wallet Alley calls it “Elderly Slippage”
Now when we leave we have a checklist we both check off-wallet, sunglasses,keys etc.
Reminds me of being in youth again when my mother would make sure I took everything to school. Are we entering the second childhood ??
John and Alley

PattayaStan said...

Dear John and Alley, entered and left the second childhood, now on my third! and I still keep forgetting my mask! best regards, Stan and Diana.