Friday, 4 June 2021

There Are Many Ways to Cook Food,

some involving cars,

but using hot exhaust gas is a new one on me, I do not know much about super cars, but I do know they get incredibly hot if revved at a stand still, so why not use that heat to cook a meal?

what could possibly go wrong? so a group of men gathered around an orange Lamborghini sports car in an underground garage in Changsha, Hunan Province, and started cooking some pork on a skewer, the pork soon started to cook,

as did the car! apparently it did not like someone incessantly hitting the throttle while parked,

the result, a burnt out engine bay and a $80,000 skewer of pork!

the viral video went viral in China last week, sparking outrage among the public, many of which decried the attitude of the young driver, claiming that he nonchalantly ruined a car that most people can only dream of, good job it was only a skewer, imagine if he had tried to cook a whole chicken!

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