Sunday, 6 June 2021

If You Have Ever Been At A Meeting,

and hunger pains have suddenly started, 

this could be the product for you,

Kamihime are a series of edible note pads made from wafer paper (starch powder, olive oil and water) that you can write on using an edible ink pen (water, citric acid and colouring),
and can eat when you are hungry, or get caught spying!

the notepads are made by Japanese stationery company Eins Corp, the name “kamihime” is a riff on otohime, which is that device found in Japanese bathrooms that plays music so nobody hears your business, similar concept! You can read more about how the product came to be in this interview with the creators, Kamihime currently comes in 4 scents: vanilla, strawberry, orange and curry. Each note pad comes with 20 sheets of paper and a pen and retails for 2000 yen at todays rate £12.90 or $18.26, I guess this gives a new meaning to the phrase 'to chew over your notes!'

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