Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Day 2 Part 1,

our first full day in Paris,

after breakfast we left our keys at reception,

the hotels lounge,

and bar,

across the street the railway station,

a couple of poses,

before we left the hotel,

after a good nights sleep we were on our way,

another glorious day,

just a few clouds in the sky,

as we neared the carousel,

looking through the glass screens around the base of the tower,

huge queues,

over our shoulders we could see fountains, so one to add to our list of places to visit,

we made our way towards the tower,

a sand sculpture on the pavement looked remarkably well done,

we joined the queue, this was for anything that might be deemed a threat,

like any of the above,

the sign says it all,

naturally a couple of poses,

of Diana,

and I just had to!

this pond was not here on our visit to Paris in March 2018,

but it was now!

and with a good stock of mirror carp,

and at least one koi,

the tower itself is a marvel of engineering, and the same could be said of the scaffolding that is being used for maintenance,

how would you start to build a structure like this?

there are also three other maintenance towers, 

going all the way up there,

another pose,

and one from myself, we were all set to go to the top, but did not for two reasons, the top was closed, so we could only go as far as the first stop up the tower, secondly the queue, as we watched the estimated time for queueing for a ticket went up from 1 hour 30 to 1 hour 40, so we gave a trip to the top of Eiffel a miss,

and made our way back through the park,

stopping for a look at the pond,

under the shadow of the trees,

a almost hidden waterfall,

we made our way to the rear of the tower,

where there were a few sellers of ice cream,

and souvenirs,

each seller with his 'patch' of cloth on the ground,

one also had balloons,

just what the doctor ordered, ice cream!

we walked by the side of the park,

then behind it past the scaffolding,

to sit on the grass and finish our ice creams,

what a lovely day, and it was still morning,

I was still marveling at the scaffolding, thinking at some stage someone held a piece of scaffolding and a clamp and then said, 'what next?'

one from Steve,

and myself,

souvenir sellers,

in both directions,

we then cut back to the river,

one of the smaller tour boats going past,

in the distance one of the three 'onion' domes by the riverside,

past the the tower getting smaller in the distance,

the owner of this house boat certainly likes his plants!

it was time for a pose,

or two, I am going to stop this post here, as if there are too many photographs it slows posting the blog down a lot, if you would like to see the second part of our day, just click on the 'Older Posts' on the bottom right of the page.

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