Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Paris Supplement,

Diana has sent me some photographs from her telephone,

but first back to Tuesday, in the morning just 2 crows on the roof top, parent and sibling as it happens, no sign of the ducks, as you might imagine I spent all of Tuesday posting the blog, but in the afternoon a welcome break, a telephone call, last week I gave my annual blood sample, my doctor called with the results, all was well, liver, kidneys all working well, all of the test for cholesterol and other things were well within the acceptable range and were where they should be, his comment was to just keep doing what I am doing and all should be well, I have not captioned the photographs below as I am out early to visit Duncan, so this will be the only post for today,

in the evening Diana arrived home, so it was feet up for a New Tricks and a Silent Witness, looking at the photographs above as you can imagine we had such a great time, but one thing is for sure, at £6.00 minimum for a coke, at today's rate $7.33 and food at similar rates, at least where we were Paris is not a cheap place to stay! off to see Duncan on Wednesday so after television tonight we were off to bed.

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