Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Our First Day In Gay Paree,

or Paris if you prefer the modern term,

Gay Paree was used to describe the city way back in the 1880s, we caught the train to Herne Hill and then to St. Pancras,

where we boarded the Eurostar, in no time at all Kai,

and Diana were soon in the land of Nod,

meanwhile Steve and myself had a wine each, 'Cheers!', from Steve,

and myself,

we went back for another one, but they had sold out of white, so rose it was then,

by this time the girls had woken from their slumber,

295 kph = 183 mph,

out of the train,

into the concourse,

up, a couple of Metros later and we were in our rooms,

and ready to go out,

the entrance to our hotel, the Hotel Eiffel-Seine,

all set and ready to go,

we decided to take a walk towards the tower,

the railway station above the road,

a quick pose,

as I admired the buildings nearby, I just love the balconies,

one of the many florists in the area,

and on many street corners a café,

time for a bite to eat,

and you guessed it,

a drink,

beer for Steve,

cocktails for the girls,

our food arrived, spaghetti for the girls,

which looked nice,

for Steve a steak,

with pasta,

I decided on a shrimp salad, which for some reason was totally devoid of shrimps, my luck strikes again!

meal finished and we were on our way,

walking towards the tower,

and naturally enough,

stopping along the way,

for a few poses,

we decided to take the riverside path to the tower,

looking back to the corner where our hotel is,

next walk down to the river,

to the tow path I guess you would call it,

whoever lives here likes bamboo,

one of the many river cruise boats passed us by,

time for a pose,

on the pathway lots of riverside restaurants,

and some on the river,

it was a glorious day,

although it was early evening it was still so hot,

below the tower the carousal,

and on the banks of the river,

Parisians taking in the rays,

for a romantic chat,

we continued our walk,

past the tower,

and more floating restaurants,

leaving the tower behind us,

under some of the bridges,

until we turned and made our way back,

looking towards the corner of the road where our hotel is,

we called into one of the restaurants there,

for a small snack,

whilst waiting a rather nice BMW stooped by the traffic lights,

time for a wine,

and some crepes,

one of the waiters wanting to get into the picture,

I am not sure what crepes the girls ordered,

but for Steve and myself,

we went with a topping of Grand Marnie, lots of it!

although it looked bright it was quite late, underneath the arches,

sellers of souvenirs wait patiently for customers,

into our hotel for a coffee and a good nights sleep, tomorrow we have the whole day to explore the city, if you would like to see our next day, click on the 'Older Posts' button at the bottom right of the page, and with that we were off to bed.

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