Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Only One Short Post Today,

as I am out early to visit Duncan,

back to Tuesday, it was a househusband day, all of the usual, hoovering, watering the plants and a general clean up, especially the spiders webs, the webs are only small and I never see any of the spiders, but the webs come back so fast! also I keep forgetting to mention for well over a week there has been no sign of the ducks on the neighbors roof, jobs in the house finished, so a lazy afternoon in the back garden, after my evening meal it was the usual round of a Midsomer Murder during which Diana arrived home, next a New Tricks before rounding off the evening with a Silent Witness, as I mentioned I am out to see Duncan, the good news is that there is no rail strike today, the bad news is that I have just read that there will only be a 60% service running, I just hope that the two trains I need to get to Gravesend and the two I need to return are a part of the 60% that are running! and with that going back to Tuesday we were off to bed.

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